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Successful move, successful integration

  • AIW works on the principle that recently arrived employees who quickly feel at home in their new environment will be more productive at work, 
  • AIW offers a full range of services to ensure that your employees and their families feel welcome as soon as they arrive in Anjou,
  • AIW is active in ensuring that the move to Anjou is as smooth as possible and that the family quickly settles in,
  • AIW’s involvement means that the newly arrived employee will be able to concentrate immediately on their work, safe in the knowledge that their family feels welcome and has settled well into life in Anjou,
  • AIW has an international impact by bringing together executives and business leaders based in the region,
  • AIW gives local authorities the opportunity to communicate directly with international companies operating in Anjou. Download our leaflet.

If you run a business and you would like more information on AIW, please contact us.


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